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At yapple, we take our customer’s privacy very seriously and understand how important and critical is that we protect it with utmost care. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is meant to share details on how a user’s data is collected, used and protected when an order is placed or its mobile application (collectively, “Yapple Platform”). Yapple (“Yapple”, “Company”, “we”, “us” and “our”) is a company established under the laws of India.

The terms “user”, “you” and “your” refer to the user of the Yapple Platform (either buyer customer or seller vendor). The term “Services” refers to any services offered by Yapple.

Please read the Policy details provided below before using the Yapple platform. We can use this information to process your order, analyze market requirements, study user behavior and learn about any improvements we can perform to our platform or services for future.

This Policy is part of the larger ‘Terms and Conditions’ document and is to be read along with it. If you do not agree with any part of the Policy, please do not use or access the Yapple Platform. Additional details of the Policy are provided below.

Policy not extended to other website

Yapple platform may have links to other websites. If the user accesses or shares their personal information with such an external website then this Policy doesn’t cover that. Please refer to the Policy of the other website for more details.

Information collected of user:

This information can be categorized into the following three categories:

Information Shared by UserInformation we collect from userInformation we collect from other sources
Login details (username, password) Sign-in details (name, email, phone number, address, payment or banking info, birth date and profile picture) provided either manually or by signing in from third-party sign-in services like google or facebook Order details (address, order contents, order history, receipts, email, phone number, billing address mailing address and payment or banking info) Customer Support emails or phone transactions (calls or messages) for queries, questions, concerns or reports User entries for promotions, surveys or social media campaigns Mobile app features (access to address book, calendar, phone book and photos)Details shared via Support emails or record the phone transactions (Name, email, phone number, birth date) Location (approximate or real time) based on your app settings and requirements for certain app features (GPS or IP address) Website usage (user preference, clicks, website and app interaction, settings, saved info, browsing and activity, user history, ad interaction, IP address, GPS location, time zone settings, comments, viewed pages and URL domains, and application of promo codes) Device info (Operating Systems and versions, hardware models, languages, UID, Serial number, mobile network info, and mobile usage) Other info and metadata files present in the photo gallery, phone contact book and address book based on the access provided by the user.Third-party sources like other users, ad or analytics partners may collect cookies info (name, email, phone number, location, address, device info, and geographic and demographic segmentation details) Third-party sign-in details (social media interaction and publicly shared info) User rating and feedback Cookies (pixel tags and flash cookies) containing user, usage and website browsing interactions. This can be used to authenticate and remember users, their history  and their preferences

Personal Information asked by Yapple?

No, Yapple does not mandatorily ask for your personal information. This would be required to process and deliver on the services being provided by Yapple. Providing personal information is completely on the user’s discretion and is hence the user’s sole risk.

Yapple does encourage its users and customers to create the login credentials with personal information for a better user experience. However, when such details are provided, the user is voluntarily accepting Yapple’s Terms and Conditions, which also contains Privacy Policy.

Usage of information collected by Yapple:

The collected information can be used for any of the following reasons:

  1. Track order and delivery status/ progress
  2. Deliver any product order or service accurately
  3. Improve the service and product line provided by Yapple (via troubleshooting, data analysis, research, artificial intelligence, surveys, etc.)
  4. Enhance Yapple security
  5. Recommend products and services to users based on existing user trends (provided via emails, website push notifications, messages and app notifications)
  6. Provide best sellers and new products notifications
  7. Provide discounts and special offers to our users, and respond effectively to user queries
  8. Measure ad effectiveness and deliver relevant and interactive ads

The information collected by us may be anonymized and shared/ disclosed with other third party companies without limitation and prior intimation.

Distribution of information collected by Yapple:

The collected information can be distributed for any of the following reasons:

  1. With Sellers: Buyer order details would be shared with the sellers in order to process the order request through Yapple platform. This is done in a way that resembles the buyer directly placing an order with the seller
  2. With Buyers: Seller details can be shared with buyers and delivery partners in order to obtain more details of the seller’s company, product bag, feedback and reviews. This information is publicly available on the website
  3. With Service Providers: Vendors, consultants, marketers, researchers, analytics companies and payment portals. This would be required to help us use your data better (points listed above)
  4. With Marketing and Ad Companies: Collected information can be shared with such third-party companies to have better and relevant marketing for sers. Please note that you cannot stop ads on Yapple but you can opt-out of the ads from third party websites  after which you would no longer receive personalized ads by the third-party companies.
  5. With Government and Law Firms: This can be used to prevent any crime or help with any investigation. This might be obligated under the laws or in good faith response to court orders and processes. It may be used to detect and prevent any identity theft, fraud, abuse or other illegal acts.
  6. With internal Usage: Collected information can be shared with any present or future member of our Company or its affiliates for our internal business purposes.

What precautions are we taking with collected information?

Yapple places utmost importance on the storage of collected information. There are appropriate technical and security measures taken to secure the collected information made available by the third-party service providers used to develop the website and mobile app. These service providers (including the payment gateway providers) are very compliant with the security measures acceptable worldwide.

Please be advised to exercise care and precautions while sharing your personal and banking information with third party websites. These should be done only through encrypted electronic platforms. Additionally, please do not share your user credentials (username and password) with anyone.

How long is the collected data stored or retained?

Yapple keeps most of the user’s information for as long as the user’s account is active. Certain information can also be retained to comply with legal obligations, meet regulatory requirements, resolve legal disputes, prevent fraud and abuse or enforce terms and conditions (or this Policy)

How can the user opt out of the services?

When a user creates login credentials, they are opting in to Yapple’s Policy and agree to share their information. You can also manage and unsubscribe from notifications in user settings. However, certain notification is critical and required to remain active as per administrative, operational or legal notices.

Please contact us at if you have any questions!

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