Custom Motorcycle Printed Green Color Sweatshirt

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Winter Wear | Expert Craftsmanship |  Soft Feel | Regular Fit | Full Sleeves |Made in India

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Rev up your style game with our vibrant green sweatshirt, a perfect fusion of fashion and the thrill of the open road. Featuring a custom-designed motorcycle print on the left side within a dynamic circle, this sweatshirt isn’t just clothing; it’s a statement of boldness and passion. The front view of the motorcycle at the center captures the essence of speed and adventure, appealing directly to the youthful spirit and bike enthusiasts alike.

Crafted for those who live for the adrenaline rush, this sweatshirt embodies the freedom and excitement of the open highway. The vivid green hue symbolizes the energy of the ride, while the meticulously detailed motorcycle design speaks directly to the hearts of passionate bikers. It’s not just an outfit; it’s an emblem of the unstoppable drive and thrill-seeking spirit that resonates within the younger generation and avid motorcycle aficionados. Gear up in style, revving up your wardrobe with this essential piece that shouts individuality and camaraderie in every stitch.

Weight0.500 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 10 cm


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